I’m Not As Smart As I Think. By Lois Hewitt

A lot has happened since my last post.  That job I was disappointed about not getting, I actually got it.  So I have been training and reading.  I am required to know a lot of history for my new position.   For each stage of the job, you get certified by taking a test.  Well, I took my first test last week.  I walked in cocky, like I always do.  Took the test.  I left with crazy ideas about being the first person to get all the questions correct or maybe I That broke some sort of record.  Then I got the call with my results.  They asked when I could come back in and retake the test.  Seems I missed quite a few of the answers.  I returned much humbler than before and still barely passed it.

it’s a funny thing, I have never done anything that made me stand out as a super intellectual or a super athlete, but deep down I’m always just a bit full of myself and it is unwarranted.  I work hard at being humble. It’s not easy!

I got to thinking that is why pridefulness is one of the big seven sins.  It’s so easy to be prideful without much provocation.  It happens to the nicest people as well as the most ruthless.  We, as humans, can so quickly think that we are something that we not. It seems to be part of our make up.

i learned a great lesson.  Don’t think overly of yourself and your abilities.  Don’t seek validation for successes.  Do accept failures and really learn from them.  Do seek to be genuinely humble.  Every time I think I’m “Miss All That”, i generally get knocked down a peg or two.  I don’t want that anymore.  That hurts and I don’t like hurting any longer.

I see the beauty and the grace in a humble spirit and that’s the person I long to be.  Being brazen never really suited me anyway.  I’m so happy I did not pass my test the first time as it made me realize that my priorities were slightly skewed.

Life certainly takes some curvy paths to get you were you need to go.  I guess it’s best to buckle in and enjoy the ride!


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