Don’t Ignore a Day by Lois Hewitt


In my blog, I try to not mention my husband, Mike, too much.  Not because I do not want to but I respect his privacy.  I spent too many years embarrassing him, especially when alcohol was involved, by talking about everything.  I did not have any filters when I was younger.  I would say anything.  I’m sure there were times when he would cringe and wonder what he got himself into.

But here we are 28 years later, still married and still friends.  I am truly blessed.  We all know couples that have suffered loss.  One partner passes away unexpectedly or, maybe, they knew it was coming.  Either way, it is still an epic blow.

I  find, after being together for a while, it’s easy to take one another for granted.  We really mustn’t do that.  Life can change in a millisecond and there is no going back.  Nothing in the future is promised to us. I shutter to think about all the possibilities that can happen in a day.  I try not to dwell on them, but oue just never knows the outcome.

I need to appreciate the little things.  Mike carries my purse when I’m too tired to do it.  He opens car doors for me.  He walks on the outside when we are on a sidewalk.  He listens to my crazy ideas.  He will stay up all night researching alternative remedies if I am not feeling well.  As well as a million other things.  He is a good man, a true gentleman.

Do I tell him enough?  Probably not.  Do I expect such kindnesses? Sure.  Do I know how special he is?  Absolutely!  So how do you deal with the stresses of every day life and still have wonder about the person you are spending your life with.  It takes an effort, but one that is worth the work.  We may have been together a while, but there are still new stories to hear or repeats of old ones.  There are adventures to be had and dreams to dream about.

Some days life weighs too heavy on me and I forget that the pressures will eventually pass.  I need to always listen, take the time and be present.  Sometimes we sit and talk about where we have been and what we have gotten through together.  Not to obsess over the hard times, but to recall a few and remember that we moved forward through them together.  Of course, it always fun to laugh about the crazy times.  But it’s also important to think about what you want to do as a couple.  We may never do half of what we talk about but dreaming together is fun and helps to strengthen the bond you have as a couple.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the last person to be giving advise on anything.  But I notice in myself how easy it is to get caught up in every day life and forget to look for the magic.  Every day is a gift, and I don’t want to take it for granted.

Mike is the first person I want to call with a triumph and the first person I need to talk with when I’m sad.  I have said it before but I’m blessed. I plan to always try to appreciate the little things in life as they are the things that touch our very souls.  Those little things make us better human beings.  We must not take those things for granted, life is way too short!



  1. That was beautiful! One of my favorites of your blogs! It also brought back a memory, Remember all the little things he thought of to make your Epic Journey comfy? Just to name one….he made it so Devi had screens so you could sleep with the windows open and not worry about mosquitoes! 🙂 of course there were many things he did to prep you for that journey, but that one really impressed me!

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    1. Melanie, you are so right. He does so many things but he really did a lot in preparation for the trip. Thank you so much for remembering. You made us both smile!


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