Disappointment…A Good Thing?  By Lois Hewitt

The past few days I have been waiting patiently by the phone for a call about a job I wanted.  I waited and I waited, but no call came.  Then this morning I received the “thank you but no thank you” email.  I didn’t get the job.  I had two interviews that I thought went perfectly.  I was charming and witty, or so I thought.  But, apparently, it was not enough.  

I’m very disappointed and can add this experience to my rather long list of things that did not work out the way I had planned.  I was so disappointed that I replied to the email and asked, point blank, what I had done wrong.  I really wasn’t expecting a reply.  I just wanted to say something. 

But I got a reply back stating that the notes from my interviews were very positive and not to be discouraged.  They also pointed me in the direction of other open positions that might be a better fit.  

Quite a while ago I wrote a blog post about all the mistakes and failures I have made in my life.  There have been many!  As I wrote that post, I realized that those outwardly failures were actually blessings in disguise.  I learned more from stumbling and falling than I ever would have if it had all just gone my way.  This morning I realized the same is true of disappointment.  Normally, I would have been upset and cried but this time I am looking at what my next step is.  What do I do now? 

I know, in the past, if things had gone my way that I would have gone down the wrong path.  Maybe that is what would have happened if I had gotten that job I thought I wanted.  Maybe it was the wrong path and now I’m free to go down the correct one. Truthfully, I wish it was easier to know but that takes the mystery out of all of it.

So instead of being upset, I am going to explore other options within the same company and outside it.  I was so certain that I was getting this position that I may have missed a few good ones.

I  feel like I finally learned an epic lesson.  When something doesn’t happen the way you thought it might, it’s not the end of the world.  No.  It’s really a chance to broaden your horizons and look beyond the circumstances to see a much bigger picture!  I’m so excited that my epic journey is finally teaching me real life lessons.  I’m beginning to see the world differently.

Disappointment is going to happen.  I might as well come to terms with it and embrace it.  



  1. Lois, you are an amazingly strong woman. If you believe in, where one door closes another opens, then you have unlimited roads in need of exploring. You are better than any door that has closed behind you or any you left opened. I believe in you more than I believe in myself. You have taught me many things about life. Your horizon is shining brightly. Often we don’t see what’s beyond us until we fall down. Look deep into that silhouette on the horizon, there you will find your next challenge. You have bigger and brighter sunrises and sets awaiting with the golden opportunity…your friend always, MJ


    1. MJ, thank you for those words. You are making me cry. I truly appreciate all your support! No one shuts a door in my face, well okay they do but I’ll go looking for another door. 😜. I’m learning to be resilient. Thank you again my friend! I love you!


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