Election Day 2020 by Lois Hewitt

Today is election day 2020. I cast my vote and have no idea what the outcome will be. I am worried what is going to happen after this day, but I know that God is in charge and that I have to have faith. As I began making bread today, I thought of a few things that I wanted share on this life-changing day.

Even though I cannot afford a home of my own, I am thankful for a clean and safe place to life.

Even though I am having trouble finding the right work, I am thankful for hope that something will come along.

Even though I have no health insurance, I am thankful for the health I have and am thankful every day.

Even though I could never have children of my own, I am thankful to be able to enjoy other’s children through pictures online.

Even though my parents and sister are no longer with me, I am thankful that I have the memories of them to carry me through.

Even though I have a troubled past, I am thankful for new starts, and the ability to change. The road is rough but one can make it through if you try.

Even though I am fearful for what the future holds, I am thankful that I believe in a God who is stronger than evil and that I am His child.

I am eternally grateful for my husband, sister, brother-in-law and friends near and far. I am much a recluse, but your relationships with me have changed and blessed me. Thank you!

On this election day 2020, I am, on purpose, going to dwell on the MANY blessings in my life. I do not want to sound like gloom and doom, I have lost faith in a lot of my fellow men. But life is still good, nonetheless. There is still love and friendship. There is still laughter and joy. There is still happiness. And most of all there is hope. Hope for a better future, a hope of unity, a hope for justice for all and hope that we can all learn to live together again, disagreements and all.

As the bread dough rises, I have time to reflect on such things. I do not have much, but as I look around I see that I am overflowing in riches. I am looking at a painting of a sloth that was painted just for me. It makes my heart sing! I am looking at the gifts given to me at random times and mostly for no reason other than to be given. They make my heart sing! I am looking at the few photographs I have kept after my exodus. They make my heart sing. I am reliving the fun and love-filled times with friends and family. They make my heart sing!

Life is so not about things. Gold and silver will eventually degrade. Money comes and goes (mostly goes in my case). It is those small touches in life, an unexpected gift, an unexpected hug, a big smile, a kind word, a tissue for a tear and a hand to help you up. Those are the riches of this world. I am rich in those things and I thank God every single day for my bounty.

I do not know what will happen tomorrow, but I do think our lives might be changed permanently, but I have my riches and my blessings close to my heart today and I hope for all days. My dream is that mankind will step up and do the right thing, no matter what happens. I pray for peace which will open doors to make positive changes in our world. I pray we can work together to make the world a better place.

Life might be tough for you right now, or it has been tough in the past. It is sometimes hard to see blessings, but they are there. So for today with sticky dough on my fingers, my heart will sing for blessings many and I will pray, even if you do not want me to, that your hearts are full of love and blessings too. Some days that is all we have.

I hope you find your happiness today.


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