Day 2 – Dubuque, Iowa to O’Neill, Nebraska and Day 3 – O’Neill Nebraska to Buffalo, Wyoming

Somewhere in Iowa.  Big Sky, beautiful country!

Somewhere in Iowa. Big Sky, beautiful country!

Today I am going to combine Days 2 and 3, not because there is not much to say (there is so much to talk about) but I do not want to get too far behind.  I have to admit that this trip has taken some twists and turns, some I anticipated and some I never saw coming.  All my research and reading about car camping did not prepare me for the reality of it all.  I thought I could adapt a little easier than I have….it is still a work in progress.  I am enjoying it but lack of sleep, time changes and weather changes have really thrown me for a loop.  Oh well, all part of traveling on a budget!!

Traveling Route 20 instead of highways has been a blessing!

Traveling Route 20 instead of highways has been a blessing!

I cannot believe how beautiful Iowa is.  I remember driving through it as a teenager and all you could see were pigs and corn.  My adult eyes now see lovely, large fields of life-giving corn and soybeans.  Amazing green lush carpets of vegetation.  Peaceful scenery and huge blue skies.  Iowa, you surprised me!

One disappointment in Iowa (and it was not Iowa’s fault).  As a big Frank Lloyd Wright fan, I was thrilled to find one of his homes (The Walter Estate) in Cedar Rock.  Unfortunately, I was closed.  I was going to jump the fence but figured I did not have enough bail money if I got caught.

Nebraska's overwhelming scenery

Nebraska’s overwhelming scenery

I just drove through Nebraska, but the scenery was truly breathtaking.  The foothills in the distance, the high altitude and the overwhelming views from every angle took me by surprise.



Next stop Wyoming…I am in love with Buffalo, Wyoming and I will tell all next time.  I promise to have more stories and pictures next time.  I am learning to adapt to areas without Wi-Fi and typing in the car.  I am an old school typist and I seem to take up lots of room when I type 😦  I thought I would just pop into a Starbucks along the way and update the blog, but I have yet to see one since I left Illinois.

Thank you for your support!!!


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