Great Food Alert — El Patron, Middlefield, Ohio

I know I posted today, but I just had to do a short one.  Mike and I had some unexpected errands to run today so we treated ourselves to a late lunch/early dinner at our favorite local restaurant, El Patron, in Middlefield, Ohio.  Let me start by saying, the entire wait staff has always been great and we have never had a bad meal there.  We just love it!

Today we were greeted by our favorite wait person, Mauricio.  His smile lights up a room.  He is genuinely a wonderful person and we have had the pleasure of getting to know him over the years.

I was tasked by a co-worker, Jenny, to try my first ever Margarita.  Since I can no longer drink beer (gluten) and I am not much of a wine drinker, she thought a Margarita would be perfect.  Mauricio offered some great advice and I drank my first strawberry Margarita.  It was really good.  Great suggestion!!

My first ever Margarita.

My first ever Margarita.

Then our meal arrived.  I almost always get the Fajita Salad, it is my favorite.  Today, I got a special surprise.  I looked like a work of art.  I hated to eat it (not really, it was great).  I just had to take a picture of it.

My special Fajita Salad!

My special Fajita Salad!

After we were done eating, Mauricio came by and we told him that I was leaving for some time and we thanked him for all the kindnesses he has showed us over the years.  He sat down with us, talked, showed us pictures of his girlfriend and just really had a nice time.  Both Mike and I were so touched.

I just had to write about how important it is to take a few minutes and actually connect with other people.  If I had my way, I would probably never talk to anyone because I am afraid they will not want to talk to me or afraid I will not have anything of interest to say.  I thank Mike for bringing me out of my shell because I have met so many wonderful people who I would have missed in my life.

Mauricio and me.

Mauricio and me.

That is a big lesson I am expecting from this trip.  To learn to open up to the positive experiences and open my heart to people I do not know.  You NEVER know whose path you are going to cross and what difference they can make in your life or vice versa.  Thank you, Mauricio, for sharing so much with us.  We are touched.

Check out El Patron at:  El Patron Middlefield Ohio


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