Dry Run – Donna’s Diner in Sharon, PA

In preparation for my upcoming trip Mike and I drove to Sharon, PA last weekend.  I’m not much of a shopper so there was not much for me but we found the best little gem of a diner, called  Donna’s Diner.  This diner looked like the hands of the clock had stopped somewhere in 1950.  The stainless steel outside, neon lighting, and Christmas bulbs make this diner extra inviting.  The inside is adorned with red vinyl booths, black and white tile floor and the most adorable decorations.

After looking at the extensive menu, my mouth started watering at the very sight of the hamburger (my absolute favorite meal) options.  Hamburgers, French fries and milkshakes are the standard and best fare.  I was not disappointed with my Donna Burger.  The service was great.  Our waitress, Kierstin, was funny and inviting.  She even sat down in our booth to chat.

I hope to find many more fun places with great food and great people.  My suggestion for the next time you are in Sharon, stop by and see everyone at Donna’s and enjoy and iced cold pop and a delicious burger!


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