Same Road, Different Journey by Lois Hewitt

I just read a wonderful interview with my favorite musician, Jerry Cantrell. As co-founder of Alice in Chains he was discussing their history and their state currently.

He talked about how in the beginning before Nirvana broke open the Seattle scene in the 90s, the bands there were doing the things they loved, selling out taverns not arenas and having the support of friends and community. He said it just felt right.

Then the change came. Years came and went, loved ones were lost, there was pain and sadness. The thought was that Alice could not go on.

Fast forward a few years and a global tragedy brought the surviving members together for a charity concert and they decided to move on together again. Up from the ashes they came. Still Alice but different. According to Jerry it just feels right again.

That story resonated with me. I was doing something I loved and it felt right. Then it abruptly ended. I was lost and didn’t know what to do. I tried quite a few jobs in a short time as my feelings of failure started to grow.

I looked back and thought I could never recapture what I had before. But with a little more wisdom then I had previously I thought I could try again. So I went down the same road but the journey was different.

That ended up being ok. I’m in a different position, responsibilities are different but it feels right. I just realized that life will not go backwards. Those feelings you had years ago turned into experiences that created change in your life. Then the time comes when you are no longer looking for what was but trying to figure out what may be.

Without being overly dramatic, I feel as it my Phoenix as risen. God has showed me something that feels right but is different from what was right before.

It almost feels like time travel. The things before set in motion the things present. The experiences of past created an environment of new thought processes which create new journeys. It is hard to wrap one’s head around how intertwined the two are.

Today, and I have no idea of for how long, I’m travelling on a familiar road, once travelled before . The journey is, however, different. That is ok. I enjoyed this road once maybe I can enjoy it again. Now I realize the the road will twist again and I just have to be open to the directions I’m given.

What a wild journey this thing called life is! I hope and pray your road feels right!


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