Dancing in the Rain by Lois Hewitt

Today at work, I was posted outside for a half an hour. It was a warm day and I was very hot. As soon as I stepped outside it started to rain this lovely warmish rain.

I could have stood my post on the inside of the door, I could have worn a raincoat or I could have used an umbrella. In fact, many guests offered me theirs. Even a young girl came up to me and said that I could have her dinosaur umbrella. If that doesn’t give you hope in humanity….nothing will.

Everyone was offering me encouragement like something terrible was happening. The only thing happening to me was that I was getting wet. No big deal really. I didn’t look that great but that was about the amount of the damage done.

Then a phrase popped into my head. I honestly do not know if it was an original thought or something that I read. In order to bring peace to our souls we need to dance more in the rain.

Then I realized that those people who were feeling sorry for me were, in fact, the ones missing out. The rain felt good and it was fun. The vantage point outside helped me see what was coming. I was not expected to stand in the rain, I opted to stand there.

My hair loves the rain, it’s never looked better. My skin loves the rain. But most of all my soul loves the gentle rain.

Most of my adult life has been calculated. I carried a Franklin Planner with me for years. I would take it with me on fun outings, or other non-work related outings. I worked a lot, had a small business, earned a degree and took care of a house. I was organized and I had to be but I also wrote the fun out of my soul because there was no time for it.

Today, I wrote the fun back into my soul by standing, I don’t dance, in the rain. It was so silly but it was also beautiful and healing.

I understand that the rain is a metaphor for having more fun. I get that….but it’s not always easy to regain the simple pleasures of life when we have not left room for them in the planner or on the calendar.

I’m definitely going to dance in the rain more, I’m going to be fun again. I love to laugh and have gone through periods where I have forgotten how. Man, life is too short to not be a kid sometimes.

Listen to the music loud, eat that doughnut, be barefoot or just stand in the rain. I feels delicious!!



  1. Rain is necessary for growth… Rain is good.. God is the maker of the rain too. No its not always fun when its a torrential downpour and driven by fierce winds.. But when you can… enjoy it Lois… ! Dance in the rain!


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