Blessings Unseen by Lois Hewitt

I know I just did a post yesterday. It’s not my style to post back to back like this, but I cannot contain myself.

Yesterday, I posted my 200th blog post. That, in and of itself, is amazing to me. I have had almost 10,000 views in my blog’s life. I’m overwhelmed by this fact.

Growing up all I ever wanted to do was write but I had no voice, no life experiences to speak of. There were no outlets to be heard if your voice was small. I love and hate the Internet but it has given me a chance to talk to people all over the world. For that I am eternally grateful!

Yesterday I posted that I have been unwell for a few weeks. The outpouring of prayers, well wishes, and love overwhelmed me.

I’ve walked through this crazy life of mine thinking of myself as always being on the outside. Never quite knowing how to fit in. I’m quirky, I get that. Sometimes that just feels lonely.

Yesterday I realized that I actually do fit into a group of really cool, eclectic people. A tribe, as it is called now. Full of people from every background. I’m so proud of those friends and family. They all struggle with lives hardships but maintain such a high level of love and caring for others. You have inspired me to be better. You all overwhelm me with your compassion.

It has become easier and easier to see the world for only it’s hostility and anger. It’s easy to feel like it’s just safer to be locked away and watch life unfold from a distance. But I have been witness to some of the greatest acts of kindness over the years, not only bestowed on me but those around me. These are blessings that if not looked for can go unseen.

I think oxygen is finally getting to my brain again thanks to the steroids I am on. While I was progressively feeling worse physically, I was also feeling worse spiritually and emotionally. I have a clarity today that is unveiling my unseen blessings. I’m truly overwhelmed!

I guess I’m just rambling, but I am so full of inspiration today because I know you all. You are my muse and I have learned so much from you. Thank for all your prayers and love. Thank you for reading my sweat and tears. Thank you for your outpouring of love and support.

I think I have a few more blog posts inside of me, if you are still interested. I have a feeling there are a lot more things to learn.

Please take care of yourselves, life is hard but it is also beautiful. Love you all!


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