Time to Give Thanks by Lois Hewitt

This is me enjoying the Carolina sunlight and all of my many blessings!

My story usually revolves around what is wrong with me or what is wrong with the world around me.  As I sit here today, my heart is still broken from the never ending conflicts, the natural and man made disasters and all the turmoil.  Well, for me, for today, I’m going to be thankful.

I’m thankful today for:

— A clean, safe and lovely place to live and a truly amazing landlady.🏑

—  Food enough to eat to stay nourished and for a few treats.  Fresh water to drink.  Always thanks for a good hamburger!πŸ”

—  Clothes to keep me warm and comfortable.  And having learned to live with the minimal amount needed has relieved much daily stress.πŸ‘–

—  A wonderful vehicle that has transported me to mountains, to oceans, to deserts and to the road of real freedom. Love you Devi!πŸš—

—  Good books.  Much of what I have learned in life is from reading. Not everyone one can or has the freedom to read.  I’m extremely grateful.πŸ“–

— Good music.  Music has always been a constant companion assisted me through the lonely nights and days and celebrated the most awesome of times! 🎼

— For learning the importance of giving up possessions and their hold on me. For giving up the need to always have the newest stuff.  Stuff was drowning me, not any longer….best lesson ever learned! Losing everything gave me everything I ever wanted!πŸ—‘

— For work and or purpose.  I used to hate work, thinking I was missing out on something else.  Now I know without the right work and purpose life is meaningless. I need the structure and the accomplishment that work brings.  If I did not have that, I would have no reason to get out of bed. πŸ›

— For Christmas lights.  They give me a sense of wonder no matter what time of year.πŸŽ„

— Fot one good purse.  Got to have one!πŸ‘›

— For finding the train.  The train I work on has changed my life. It is hard to believe that I used to be afraid to speak in public.  Now I do it daily as I ride a slow train through the amazing Nantahala Gorge!  It has changed my whole perspective.πŸš‚

— For my belief in God.  I sometimes question my faith, sometimes I turn my back on it outwardly but I always have it inside of me.  Without it I would have perished many years ago from bad decisions.  One of my most prized possessions is my worn Bible. It has carried me through the darkness so many times.  I am eternally grateful for Mr. Fredrickson for showing me that light when I was 16 years old.  It forever changed me✝️

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. No matter what, there really is always something to be thankful for.  My biggest Thanksgiving goes out to my family and friends.  I have so many people who care for me, I honestly do not know how I got so blessed.  I’m thankful I learned how important it is to have other people in your life.  Every one in my life has touched my heart and my soul.  My life has been transformed by the people in my life. I am truly and utterly blessed beyond all comprehension.

So for today I give thanks and bask in the glow of all my many blessings!


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