Child-like Wonder….Where can I Get Some?

Bejeweled.  Yes, it is one of my addictions.  I love the game and have since I owned my first computer all those years ago.  The version I now have on my iPad was free (the only versions I get) but it has ads that play before every new game. Most ads have that very important SKIP button that allows me to skip the ad and get back to my game.  One commercial, however, has caught my eye to the point I cannot wait to see it again.

The commercial is for Coldwell Banker.  I’m not even really sure what they do these days with the housing market in the dumper. Their ad, though, is pure and simple.  It opens with some loud, crazy classical music and an absolutely adorable baby sitting on a couch with a piece of paper in its hand.  Then you see a grown up hand tear a piece of the paper.  It must be the sound, but this baby starts to laugh.  It is the most perfect, genuine laugh I have ever heard. The grown up tears another piece and the baby’s legs start to kick and the laughter continues.  There is no way you cannot smile when you see this ad.

All I want to know is…where do I buy child-like wonder?  I want to tear a piece of paper and laugh.  I want to see life through the eyes of a baby or child.  It must be magical for everything is new.  I want to play peek-a-boo and think that it is the most coolest game in the history of games.  And the naps, don’t get me started on just how lucky babies are to be able to nap anytime and anywhere.  Lucky ducks!

I know there must have been a time in my life, all our lives, before all the hurts started to stack up.  A time before you learned that not every wish or dream is possible.  A time before disappointment and disillusion.  A time before knowing grief and loss.  The time existed, but we were all to young to remember it. What a cruel joke!

The simiplest times in life happen without the benefit of memory to capture the times.  Take a snowfall for example.  For a child it means no school, sled riding, snowman building, hot soup and warm Mom hugs.  As adult it means cleaning and scrapping the ice off the car, hoping you don’t end up in a ditch, being on the road with other drivers who either go too fast or too slow, and praying the furnace works so the pipes don’t freeze.  It is a no-brainer, I want to see life as a child does.

Is it even possible?  I am not sure but I know one thing…I have to try. I believe it starts with an attitude adjustment.  An adjustment that sees the wonder in the simple things of life.  A start to dreaming again and wishing.  Sure I know it won’t all come true but it is still fun to do.  I am going to put down the iPad more and read magical books that transport me to magical places.  I’m going to start looking for the fun in life. I get to taking it all so serious at times, I’m not a brain surgeon.  I don’t generally make life or death decisions.  I can find the time to laugh a bit.  I am going to watch more kitten videos.  If anything can bring out the kid in me, it’s an adorable kitten video.

I’m so glad I watched that ad.  It reminded me that a good laugh is food for the soul.  I don’t know if I will ever find tearing paper to be laugh inducing, but given the right situation and attitude it just may be.


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