What….Me Worry?

Most of my life has been spent worrying. I worried that I would lose a loved on, lose my job, run out of money, have health issues, not have a place to live and the list goes on and on.  I worried about things that were possible and I worried about things that were totally improbable.  I lost sleep over the worries.  I made myself sick over the worries.  I missed many joys in life because I was constantly worrying about one thing or another.

I realize that some of the worries did actually come true and some never happened. I have experienced loss of people I loved and, less importantly, lost things.  I have been sick, weak and tired.  Anxiety has been a constant companion.  I have cried alone in the dark as well as in front of friends and strangers as well. There have been days of fire and rain.  I had days I did not think I would make it. But I did. The dark night turned into a day full of light and hope. I have made it through the other side many times by the grace of God.

It’s funny all the worrying did not help me cope or answer one of the problems. I am stronger for the trials but the worry did not add one positive to my life. Worry is like a persistent gnat that continually circles your head to the point of annoyance but with no real purpose.  I no longer want to waste precious time worrying about what might happen. If it happens, I will deal with it.  If it doesn’t happen, I will not have wasted another moment on it.

We all have inner courage that sometimes gets buried under all of life’s burdens and pain. That courage allows us to face the day and whatever it may bring with peace and grace. Once the worry stops, clearer thinking is more of a possibility.  With clearer thinking comes the ability to face our problems and life head on. No more nail biting and wasting time on the negative for me.

Here is to accessing my inner courage and learning to act in faith which brings peace and understanding.  Today I will stand tall, talk with confidence and will feel strong. Worry, be gone from my life today.


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