Teamwork-It Is The Best!


Me and my crew!! Part of a great team!!

I have been blessed most of my working life that I have worked with great people who would pull together to obtain a goal.  There is nothing like the feeling you get when something comes together and it was because everyone pulled their weight and got the job done.

It has been a few years since I have had a position that required a lot of customer service.  Mostly, I have worked in offices with little contact with actual customers.  My position on the train, however, is full-on customer service all the time.  If you think about it, our train is not like Amtrak; we take you one place and bring you back to where you started.  It is a scenic excursion meant to bring about relaxation and joy from seeing the beautiful scenery.

Our customers pay their hard-earned money to take our day trip.  It is our job to make sure that the experience is safe, fun and memorable.  This means going over and above what our job descriptions might say.  Any number of situations can come up, and do, that cannot be anticipated.

With that being said, I cannot imagine doing this job without being part of a great team.  Anyone of the team will jump in to help, job description or not, to fill the customer’s need.   This makes for an excellent customer experience.

I am finding out that life is not a solitary sport, but a team event.  The thoughts I had of ever being a “lone wolf” have long gone once I realized that there is no way to get through this by myself.  Many of my posts discuss this same topic, but it is becoming so clear to me that I need to learn to ask for help and I need to give my help freely.  It is that give and take which makes life more fulfilling.

I am lucky to have had the privilege of working with so many people who have been willing to show me the ropes and who take the time to answer my never-ending rounds of questions.  I hope to be that giving when someone asks me how to do something.  Since we are all in this life together, it only makes sense that we help each other.

Teamwork was always just a concept in my mind.  I understood it but I had to have the control of doing it all myself.  That left me burned out and unhappy.  Now I just ask for help and give help when asked.  This is a much better way to work and to live.  Wish I would have given it more consideration sooner.  I always thought being part of a team would be constrictive, but it is just the opposite.  It is a freeing experience. I am amazed at the lessons I am learning.

Here is to giving help when needed and taking help when needed.  Here is to being part of a team not only at work but in life!  GO TEAM!!


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