Redefining What A Strong Woman Is

I used to think that a strong woman was the one who ran a Fortune 500 company or who was president of a bank; someone I was never going to be.  Since starting my sojourn I have redefined my definition of what a strong woman really is.  I am ashamed that this is new to me, as a woman I should have been more aware.  I guess I was brought up during a different era, so it took me a little longer.

On my journey I have met the most incredible women.  In Wyoming, I met the 70ish year old woman who is traveling the country alone, camping by herself and extremely happy to be doing it.  I have met many women who have tossed their old live in search of a new one (many times to the dismay of friends and family).  Women who are extremely concerned for animals and who foster and care for the abused ones.  I have met women who run their own local businesses, not in an attempt to get rich, but to help local economies thrive. The list goes on and on.

Strong women are everywhere, even the meek ones are strong.  They care for partners and children.  Their hands make nourishing food.  They use their backs to wash and clean.  They wipe tears and share laughter.  Some women do this alone while others share the workload.  I do not believe that any one archetype is any stronger, I have come to believe that all women are incredible in their own unique way.  

We have been programmed to think less of ourselves and that outdated way of thinking has to stop.  I know for myself I constantly believe I am doing everything wrong or that I am not smart enough…and on and on.  Many women I know feel the same way.  We are always apologizing even if we are not at fault.  Ladies, it is time to realize our inner strength.  It will be different for each of us but that should not diminish its power.  Look around and see all the things you do, really look and embrace your strengths.  Always be on the lookout for new opportunities to learn and grow.  Knowledge is power and power is strength.

This is not meant to diminish men.  I’m just tired of being weak, I want to explore my strengths and as I do I want other women to do the same.  Homemakers, mothers, executives, waitresses, nurses, secretaries, laborers, cleaners….it makes no difference, we are all stronger than we know.  Embrace the strength inside of you!

Here’s to having a little more confidence and a little more gusto.  Here’s to feeling good about our accomplishments and strategizing our future endeavors.  


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