Greetings From Florida


Honestly I’ve never been a big fan of Florida. Seems every time I ever visited I would have asthma symptoms or get a really bad sinus infection. I have avoided Florida for those reasons.
I’m actually in Florida now. Doing my laundry at the hotel I am staying at. I’m sitting by the ornate pool listening to fountains all around. With a temperature in the 70s and the sun shining. I am thinking what’s not to love?

Everyone I have encountered has been delightful and everyone seems to be smiling. I’m sure it is a little different come the dog days of summer but for this day in mid December it is perfection.

I’m visiting my sister and brother in law. The lifestyle is so completely different from that of up north. Casual seems to be the word of the day…everyday. I feel like this is a perfect place to write; fresh air, gentle breezes, warm sun. I get it Mr. Hemingway, I get it.  

 I always figured that since I am not a swimmer and or adventurer that an outdoor climate just was not for me. Heck I do not even own a pair of shorts nor have I ever. Flip flops…don’t own a pair. But I feel a creative muse here.  

I was an ocean snob thinking that the Pacific Ocean was the only one to live be. I berated the Atlantic Ocean saying that it was not as pretty. I went to the beach the other day and it was beautiful. The sun was shining bright and the ocean breeze felt like a cold drink of water on a warm day.

Never had I even considered a beach lifestyle. But the last few winters up north have fouled my taste for cold and snow. I do not miss obsessing about weather reports that seemed to change by the minute. Tired I am of driving on snow and ice and praying I don’t go into a ditch. No more fretting about heating bills and freezing pipes.

I think I used winter wear to be somewhat invisible.  Being in a warm climate makes you somewhat vulnerable and I don’t like to feel that way.  But the sun actually feels good on my skin.  What a surprise.

I do not know if I will find myself here on a more permanent basis. There seem to be jobs and cheap places to live. I know the summers would kill me. I guess the way things are going in my life anything is possible. The art of discovery is starting to intrigue me. I need to throw away old theories and misconceptions and see things in a new light. Here is to finally opening my eyes and seeing things around me.



    1. Hi Cathy. I would LOVE to see you. Unfortunately I’m down Orlando way and am leaving Friday back to North Carolina. But I’m intending on returning soon and would love to plan to visit! I will be in touch. Have a lovely Christmas and a blessed new year!


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