Pictures with TEXT for Lemon Cove to Seligman on ROUTE 66….Hope you like!

Edited to have pics match the text! hope you enjoy.

An Epic Journey

Route 66..cannot believe I am here! Route 66..cannot believe I am here!

Day 10 – Lemon Cove, California to Seligman, Arizona (on Historic Route 66)

Well, we made it out of California.  My driving style, if you can call it that, does NOT work in California.  I drive much too slow and much to cautiously.  That ended up causing several problems with the locals.  So, needless to say, I am thrilled to be in a more rural locale.

All day, we have been bopping on and off Route 66.  We wanted to make some time, so it only made sense to stop off once in a while and see it.  All the reading I did on Route 66 said that there were places along the way in disrepair.  I am sorry to report that those reports are true.  I know there are historic groups working to revitalize the route and I hope they are able to.  It…

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