Day 15 – Whittier, North Carolina to Beckley, West Virginia

An Epic Journey

Hitting the open road in beautiful North Carolina! Hitting the open road in beautiful North Carolina!

Well, today was a great day!  After a wonderful night sleep, I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with Mike and Jan and a drive around town.  The Francis Family treated us like we were family and we had just met last night.  We felt so honored to be able to be part of the family for the time we where there.  Seeing Jan again was absolutely awesome and she is an inspiration to me. I am going to start working out so the next time we see Jan, we can go for a hike.  She will still be able to out-hike me, but I want to keep up a little bit. 🙂

We visited a little longer, then headed north (finally!) toward home.  We knew that we would not make it all the way to Ohio, but we knew we would get close.

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