Day 10 – Lemon Cove, California to Seligman, Arizona (on Historic Route 66)

Well, we made it out of California.  My driving style, if you can call it that, does NOT work in California.  I drive much too slow and much to cautiously.  That ended up causing several problems with the locals.  So, needless to say, I am thrilled to be in a more rural locale.

All day, we have been bopping on and off Route 66.  We wanted to make some time, so it only made sense to stop off once in a while and see it.  All the reading I did on Route 66 said that there were places along the way in disrepair.  I am sorry to report that those reports are true.  I know there are historic groups working to revitalize the route and I hope they are able to.  It is such a chunk of real Americana.

Yesterday and today, our lives have been touched by several people and I thought today’s post might be a nice shout out.   This list is not all encompassing, but I hope it helps you all realize just what an important part of this trip you all have been.  I would have chickened out if it were not for you.  So thank you.

And the Thank you’s go to:

  • Everyone who helped with a financial donation.  As you know this trip was planned before Mike’s employment situation changed.  We were forced with the tough decision to wait and take the trip at another time (which probably would never have happened) or tough it out with what we had saved and ask for help.  We received the kindest donations, gifts I will NEVER forget.  Thank you for without you, I would have only made it to Chicago and probably not back (kidding,sort of).
  • Everyone who helped with donations of food, camp gear and, most of all advice.  I have been able to save a boatload of money eating the items that were donated and the items I got at Aldi’s.  Shout out to Aldi’s and their Gluten Free items!!  Thank you for your assistance as I was definitely not ready to do any serious camping.
  • Thank you Bryan Farr for sharing your excitement for Historic Route 20.  The enthusiasm was contagious and I caught it!
  • Darlene and the whole crew at AAA Solon who created the Trip Tik I am using and providing information on the area’s I am visiting.
  • Thank you to KOA for making my camping experience tolerable.  As I stated in an earlier post, starting at age 53 with no prior camping experience (okay there was that one time, but talk about a disaster, let’s just forget it ever happened) has proven to be a challenge.  I love the friendly people, the clean facilities, the laundromats and more.  I am a KOA convert!
  • Thank you Brittiny Morrison (fellow Ohioan) and Barb Jensen Elmlinger for all your help trying to connect me with the right people in Buffalo, Wyoming.  I will be back!!  And to Craig Johnson who introduced me (not personally) to Buffalo.
  • The great folks at Lemon Cove for giving the great tour!  Thank you for everything!
  • Everyone who is reading these posts.  I know sometimes I am so serious and not quite humorous enough, but I am working on that.  I want to write things that come from the heart and apparently my heart is rather serious (who knew).
  • This is a Supernatural shout out.  I have a Supernatural bumper sticker on my car (it says “Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole.”).  In all the time I have had that sticker I have only met one other SN fan as we are few and far between.  On the way to Newport, Oregon a car sped by us and when I looked over they were showing a picture in the window which I could not quite make out. As they pulled in front of me I saw the picture was of them with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki of Supernatural.  You guys made my day.  We honked and waved and they drove off.  One of life’s little pleasures!
  • Last but not least, thank you Devi.  Devi is a comfortable car to drive and sleep in.  She carries my stuff and lets me always have a place to eat.  She is my traveling buddy and I appreciate all her extremely hard work!!  Love you Girl!

There are so many people to thank, I just wanted to list a few off the top of my head.  I will be listing more because this trip has actually become more about me and about the connections I am making with wonderful people.  Okay, it is still about me but I am seeing the value in opening up, losing the shy routine and finding out other people’s stories.  Everyone has a story, they just need someone to listen to it.

Great pictures coming.  This is proving challenging for me, but I will post some cool pics very soon.  Thank you again for your support and for listening.


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