Day 6 – Onward and Westward

Devi and the cabin I stayed in last night in Buffalo, Wyoming.

Devi and the cabin I stayed in last night in Buffalo, Wyoming.

Okay, here is the newest plan…head west again.  I really want to see the Pacific Ocean and I am this close.  If I turn back now, I will never forgive myself.  The respite in Buffalo, Wyoming was much needed.  Who would have guessed that a trip like this would be so tiring.

Many amazing things have happened since I started this trip just six days ago.  I have met wonderful people from all around the country.  While in Buffalo, I met a young lady who transplanted from my home state of Ohio.  It really is a small world!

Another amazing thing is the Internet.  I think we all take it for granted, but being able to connect (when you have a connection) is amazing.  Keeping in touch with friends and family is truly priceless.

The interior of the Busy Bee Cafe.

The interior of the Busy Bee Cafe.

While I have been on the road, I have heard from people from Kentucky and Alaska about volunteer opportunities.  How cool is that!!  I have people reading my blog from several foreign countries.  The concept just blows me away.  I never, in my life, would have thought that anyone, anywhere would have ever read anything I have written.  It is good to be connected.

This trip has taken so many twists and turns since I first started thinking about it when I was 15 (today I am 53, so it has been a while).  I do not think the re-planning is over.  I may have to change it up a bit.  I do not believe I will be able to physically take the entire around the country portion in one shot.  It will have to be done in stages, but that is okay.  It is not another failure on my “resume.”  It is just a change to a plan.

Downtown Buffalo, Wyoming.  It is an adorable town!!

Downtown Buffalo, Wyoming. It is an adorable town!!

Today, I reserve my expectations to see what unfolds and leave the disappointment in the rear view mirror.  Today, I try to be part romantic and part realist; someone who can dream a little yet still hold tight to what needs done.  I say that as I am doing a load of laundry at the KOA.  Somehow I thought the drudgery of life would be something I left behind during this trip (not very realistic, I know).  Today, the idea of a shower and clean clothes seems more like a luxury than a drudgery.  I guess it is all perspective.

Anyway, I appreciate all of you who are reading this blog and for all your support.  I am going to try to keep moving forward and learn about myself and learn about others.

Thank you for everything!!  I feel so blessed today!!



    1. Joyce you are so wonderful! your kindness is incredible. it is a pleasure to call you my friend and my family. i LOVE you!


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