What do the Numbers 9,726 and 28 Have in Common?

The route is not to scale, but it gives a general description of what the trip should look like.

The route is not to scale, but it gives a general description of what the trip should look like.

Yesterday, Mike figured out that my upcoming trip will cover approximately (give or take a side trip or two) 9,726 miles and will cover 28 different states.  I am a person who is easily overwhelmed and this to me is overwhelming.  How am I going to do this alone?  What was I thinking?  Am I crazy for taking this on for my first solo trip?

Then I realized I have a lot of people behind me, who want me to succeed.  I have my faith that God will provide and I know deep (really deep) inside I have the strength do this.  I am probably a little crazy for taking this on, but nothing worth doing is ever going to be easy.

I have spent most of my life not stepping out and trying anything different.  I have stayed on the safe course while longing for the strength to try something new.  When I did try something new, I always quickly reverted back to my safe shell.  Years pass and you realize that there are more check marks in the failure column than the success column.  I am tired of living afraid and I plan that this trip will be my “defining moment” where I stop being afraid, women up and do something scary and cool at the same time.

I have said this many times, but I could not do this without the support of friends, family and people I have not met.  The support I have received is overwhelming and I am going to do my best to add this trip to my success column.  Fear is only fear if I continue to let it be.  That is not to say that I will not keep a healthy dose of it just to stay safe, but I am talking about the unhealthy fear that makes you stop moving, tightens your chest and causes you to not breathe.  I am saying goodbye to unhealthy fear and hello to a new and improved me.

9,726 miles and 28 states….here I come!!

Thank you again for your support and love!!  I truly need it and appreciate it more than you will ever know!!


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