Geneva On The Lake, Ohio

IMG_20150503_174809 IMG_20150503_174853

A few weekends ago, Mike and I visited Geneva On The Lake in Northeast Ohio.  It was one of the first really beautiful days after a long and extremely cold winter, warm and breezy it was.  The lake was calm and absolutely beautiful. Although I live fairly close to Lake Erie, I do not take the time to visit it too often.  That day I was so impressed with the Great Lake.  Mike and I sat on a bench by the lake listening to the birds singing their songs as the cool lake breezes blew.  We sat speechless for some time and I felt the peaceful effect this was having on me.  I daydreamed of my upcoming time near the Pacific Ocean.

I believe the Pacific Ocean is going to heal and center me.  I have seen the ocean many, many years ago when my Mom, Sister and I drove to the West Coast to deliver my Sister to a new Air Force base she was stationed at.  I feel in love with the Pacific Ocean immediately.  It was truly love at first sight.  I have longed over the years to see her again.  She is a major part of my wellness (physical and spiritual) plan.

But until I get there in a few months, I do have the lovely Lake Erie close to home.  I may drive up there again before I leave just feel the wonder and beauty.   Thank you Lord for the majesty of nature, and I pray that as I take this trip that I take the time to see Your work wherever I go.


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